Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Something to believe in

A line from an old song keeps playing in my mind. “Give me something to believe in.” It seems that it should’ve said, “Give me something true to believe in.” Because we are not lacking in something to believe in… just lacking in the faith to believe in the right thing… what is good and true. Something which we can count on, that won’t change, that will make a difference in our lives. It seems alot of people are willing to believe in anything and therefore end up believing in nothing they can count on.

Faith. Makes all the difference. What we have faith in will change our lives, ourselves. I have faith in God. Not faith in my faith in God. Just faith in God. I don’t depend on my ability to believe and trust in God- I count on God himself. His power. His truth. His love.

Sometimes it is hard to muster up great quantities of faith. That is when I just ask God for faith enough. I know he can take the smallest size faith and move mountains with it. I’m so glad it is not up me being good enough, tough enough or spiritual enough. It’s just about believing what my God has said. It’s just about depending on him. It’s just about being me in relation to whom God is. I’m his beloved. He delights in me. He is my Creator, Rescuer and Lord. So I long to glorify him with my life. He is more than worthy. If for no other reason than the fact that he loves me enough to increase my faith.


  1. God is Good, Acceptable and Perfect. Your faith in him will make you good, acceptable and perfect as well.... Thank you for the insperation Esther..... Steve

  2. Hi Esther,
    Didn't know you had a blog! Nice way to share your faith...